My winter to-do list

    Обожаю составлять списки. Идеально раскладывает все по полочкам. Поэтому к предыдущему списку хотелок я выписала to do list на зиму. …

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  • Travel

    My favourite places in Vienna. Le Bol

    Nice French cafe, which I tenderly love and which I have been visited for a long time. I used to come here with my colleagues when in Vienna for business trips.…

  • Travel

    Marrakesh. Summer. Market

    It was long time ago. Summer in Morocco. Hot and stuffy Marrakesh.  I longed to see the magic of «Arabian nights» fairy tale. Something like pictures in Instagram and Pinterest. But…

  • Photography

    Liliia. A tough nut to crack

    I keep taking pictures of the people. I like it and I do not know why I do not do it more often. I love to see the inner beauty and…

  • C’est la vie

    Hey, Marcovna!

    When Marc and I lived in Russia we had funny situations when he was asked his «otchestvo» – father’s name million times. And we had to explain that there is no…

  • C’est la vie

    Just become a mum

    In the end of July I became a mother. I still cannot believe. When somebody says «now go to your mommy» I am shocked. And I try to understand it is…

  • Travel

    Strawberry – strawberry – strawberry

    When I have a desire to do something, I cannot forget until it is done. They started to sell local strawberry everywhere here. Strawberry fields surround Vienna from all sides around.…