Some about him. Semyon

Talking about someone is more difficult than about yourself. You never know where the level of your «hero» openness ends. But I will try because interesting people around me is the one of these things I value the most. Extraordinary personalities make this world brighter and better. According to well-known rule you are «the average» of your friends in any aspect. If it is true, then I may say I look better than I really am.

We worked together with Semyon (even twice – in two companies and two countries). His desk was in front of my one for a while. I don’t even remember how we started talking. But here we were, having breakfast together 2-3 times a week. What do people talk about when having breakfast? Probably I should not say that most of them gossip and complain about life? But do you know this feeling when: a) you do not need to limit topics of your conversation because you are pretty sure you will be understood, b) you learn a lot because your conversationalist is interested by a lot of things. Now, that is about Semyon.

You know, I have not decided yet how to react on «closed» people. When you are open, you expect the same from the opposite side. If no, you may face the feeling like you drive fast on the road, but nobody drives towards you. One-way traffic is inappropriate in this case. But sometimes it happens vice versa. You talk about yourself and suddenly, in return, you discover a whole universe with thoughtful thoughts, ideas and tasks for the mind, a forest with thickets, glades and hidden paths. You started a conversation keeping in mind ones questions, and finish it having completely another ones. Talking with Semyon I try to recall books I have read. «No, I have not read it. Interesting?» – he simply asks you. The is no even a hint of any kind of bragging.

He is nothing like me at all, but I understand him like myself when we talk. I guess it is because all is very human and very honest. Once we went together to Bratislava for a day. I worried about my personal stuff and he talked about one girl. Each of us was lost in his/her own thoughts, but in the same time we had quite open, honest and sincere conversation long into the day. We drank coffee, looked for books in the store, photographed sights and talked. I do not know much people with whom you can talk all day without the awkward pauses and uncomfortable situations.

And you know what else is just great? He does not condemn and criticise you, does not persuade. As the man with the iron logic, Semyon knows probably there is no sense to do such things. In the end, everyone is responsible for his life. He only expresses his opinion, without trying to change yours: «Tanya, I don’t know, I can’t say» or «If you want to know my opinion (of course!), I think you’re just afraid, that’s all…». And we talk quite particularly. Even when we talk about he relations of men and women. Well, we talk abut our opinion on monogamist, what the perfect family is, trends in society etc. It is ever this kind of conversation like «and he, and me…» – pure emotions without any sense. Ha! I tried to do so – it does not work with him!

Very honest, open, rational conversations with a smart and constantly thinking person. Cool, but sometimes I’d like him to be more emotional. Moreover, he by himself admits he lacks emotions. I really want him to freak out, at least just once, quickly, without consequences. But how can I expect it from the person who knows how to hang on the pole parallel to the ground (he showed me this trick once – I could not believe my own eyes!)? The person, who always knows where he is and where he goes. His habitude to draw schemes of his plans taking into account the margin of error! Seems like he wants – and he gets. I know I can never be like him in this way – too much fear, doubt and uncertainty about what I want. I also know that the key to all is self-discipline. I personally find this word a little boring. But what to do if it is really the most effective decision to achieve the desired goals? Not sure? Ask Semyon! He is currently studying in London something he wants to do in life.

If the people we meet are our teachers, then Semyon is my lesson of honesty, introspection and readiness to make choices.

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