Natalie. Search for self and big blue eyes

Natalie was a little bit lost in her thoughts when we made a shoot. But despite her personal feelings she looked glorious. Eh, that’s the way it goes sometimes. I do not remember if Natalie told me or I did, she looks like Marion Cotillard. Still when I watch movies with Marion something in her appearance can remind me Natalia.

That day we decided to have fun a lot. We had nice breakfast in the morning and went to a beauty salon to have our hairs done (my hairstyle did not survive until the end of shoot, Natalie’s hair looked great even after we blew on them from the fan). Natalie have had a make-up and we went to the photo studio. I really wanted her to just relax and enjoy the process. By the end, I think it happened. 

I really love seekers, not calming people, in a good way of its meaning, not nervous people, but more like investigators of this life. And Natalie is one of those ones. Even if sometimes her passions are a bit out of the plane of my interests, it is nice to see not afraid of prejudice, someone trying and attempting. Also almost all Natalie shows an interest to is related to helping people, self-awareness, harmony and some kind of environmental friendliness. She is a sociologist by education by the way.

We used to spend lots of time together. We visited yoga classes and different kind of self-education seminars together, went to the concert, have been to Istanbul and Almaty, talked a lot in Natalie’s car when she she dropped me somewhere. She gently talked about herself, about her dreams and plans, about her ideas and people around her. Her way is to listen more and talk less. Natalie asks and clarifies. Express her opinion clearly when asked. You feel relaxed in her company. 

Natalie is self-organised, independent, helping and believing in the power of subtle matter. I am wondering who or what in this life leads people to the place which fits their abilities? Should it be a chance, some kind of concatenation of circumstances? Or the person should have a strong desire and walk persistently towards the aim pointed out? But what if it is this kind of situation when by my opinion everything should turn out by itself! Natalie should be there, where her tenacity and ability to empathise at the level of neurones is required. She can do everything perfectly even where no one really explained what is required. It just seems there are a lot of people with such abilities, but honestly there are just a little of them on this planet. Therefore, it would be great if Natalie can find personal fulfilment. Then everything will fell into place.

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