Anna. Sunshiny charming girl

Anna smiles and laughs a lot, and speaks a lot also. We interrupt each other quite often, since if one of us recalls something suddenly she cannot wait to share with the interlocutor. It seems to be really important and you afraid to forget! Normally I usually control myself to do not do such things and listen carefully until the end. In this case the conversation is smooth and slow. It does not work with Anna! And you know what, it is just wonderful!

She wants to be openminded, joyful, funny and charming girl. So she is. But of course everything is not as easy. As everyone she has her own life story, her own pain points. But quite not as all she talks about herself easily. She is is open to the world and not afraid to look deeper inside of herself.

A little bit coquette, she throws one leg over the other with exaggerated carelessness, tilts her head back when laughing or thinking, makes eyes and twists her hair on her finger. When got caught in the lens she amusingly transforms into glamour girl with that kind of dreamy look. That is fabulous!

Anya perfectly speaks German. She truly loves Vienna (and Berlin). And she quite purposefully builds her life somewhere in these parts of the world working in the area of advertising and marketing. Anna easily comes to the rescue if she can help. I like the world by her eyes. I like how she uses its opportunities. Easygoing she is open to new things in her life. I do not complain that it is all because of her young age… it is not. Anna takes things easy. And it seems for me so right. Living is good, why we need to to complicate everything?

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