Some places in Vienna. Votivkirche

When I was a child, my grandma lived in Vienna. Although I saw her infrequently, thanks to it I was quite cool girl for end of 80’s wearing jeans and hoodies. And I loved her letters to my mom. My grandma put there a little gum for me. Unfortunately not always, then when my mom was opening the mailbox I took an envelope first and checked expecting it would be plump.

Unlike my grandma, here I can go everywhere without a guy following me everywhere to make a report after. I guess Vienna in her eyes was different. Oh, yes, of course, it was. My grandma asked me about some streets and shops here, but sure I know none of them. And she has kept Vienna postcards from those times. So I had an idea to visit places on them and compare. This way I can also learn more about Vienna.

It is Votivkirche in this photo. The Votive (lat. votivus-dedicated to the gods) church. It means the church is built in gratitude for something. This one was built in gratitude for Emperor Franz Joseph salvation, when in his 20s he was almost killed. Funds for the church were donated by citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There is no specific name for it, since there are several votive churches in the world. Then it would be correct to call it «the Votive Church in Vienna». Second highest in the city by the way.

It is built of white sandstone, which is not the most durable material in the world as I understood. With time it begins to crack and darken. It is why this church (as St. Stephen’s Cathedral also) is on restoration all the time. Only advertising on the facade are changed.

On the left at the old photo is University of Vienna. It is free of charge to enter inside. But I never did. It is my dream to go to the University library (what is not as easy). I have seen photos only and they are really cool. Unfortunately when there I will be not able to read any book.

I have discovered for some reasons I visit this area quite often. The 9th district of Vienna is kind of «French». Probably thanks to the fact that it is French Lyceum located there. There are also Cafe française next to the church, which I love to visit, Hotel de France Wien and Kino de France. I taught some French Russian and learned French from them in the cafe somewhere there also. But who knows maybe it is only my feeling. There, in this area Freud lived, his museum-apartment is not so far from the Church. In addition to University buildings there are many medical institutions. I visit my doctor there as well. There I also like Cafe Telegraph and Coffee Pirates, quite nice places.

It is interesting area, beautiful building around. Once we biked there around – I liked its courtyards and parks. This area has this of kind of spirit. Maybe we can move there one day with time…

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