Strawberry – strawberry – strawberry

When I have a desire to do something, I cannot forget until it is done. They started to sell local strawberry everywhere here. Strawberry fields surround Vienna from all sides around. I just wanted to pick up berries and put it directly into my mouth as in childhood. So why do not go and do it?

As a result, it was not the same as eating grandmother’s strawberries. We are in Austria, not in Russia, and it is a field of strawberries not a few bushes. And there were dozen of people willing to eat it as well. But goodness, how beautiful it was! While we walked to our destination, we passed through the forest and fields of rye, wheat, corn. The sun was burning, the air was fresh. Blue sky under our heads and the impossible beautiful views around. 

The strawberry promised to be bio. And it truly was unreal tasty despite it’s not very beautiful view. Even pink ones were sweet. Is it really because of he absence of pesticides? My grandma’s strawberry was so-so when was just pink. 

So, we continue to explore Austria. To be honest, the places around Vienna: fields, mountains, lakes, I like more than Vienna itself. I lean to see the beauty around me in the city, to see it through the eyes of people in love with it. But sometimes it happens for instance that you know the person has lots of positive qualities and ready to cooperate, but the person does not fit you, there are inconsistencies. So far, it is the same with Vienna and me. But we definitely appreciate each other. 

Now I want to go to some lake…

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