Liliia. A tough nut to crack

I keep taking pictures of the people. I like it and I do not know why I do not do it more often. I love to see the inner beauty and the power of the people. And I try to show it through my pictures.

That is exactly what happened in this story. When I look at Liliia I wonder how the woman with such gentle appearance can have really strong inner defence. Somebody told me all girls from Ukraine are like this – quite tough cookies. I do not know much Ukrainians to confirm or deny this fact. But here, in Vienna, I appreciate when meet beautiful, interesting and self-confident people. Especially when they have all these characteristics in the same time. But of course more often I meet one or the other. So I am happy when can socialise with interesting and good-looking person.

By the way Liliia is also a great mother. She talks a lot about her lovely son. It is just great to see rational and adequate way in children education. When sweets are allowed only for special days, but in the same time they are used to spend time together and have fun a lot. I have not seen her son. But I am pretty sure he adores his mother. And she of course perfectly understands his feelings and current mood, and always near to help.

She has internal strength, but she is pretty easy-going in the same time. For our not long interaction I got lots of helpful suggestions in different areas. I like when the person is holding a finger on the pulse and is aware of last trends: where better to go out, how and which way is better to do something. So it is not only a pleasant, but also very valuable and useful communication.


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    September 3, 2018 at 8:42 am

    Очень очень очень красиво) я бы к тебе пошла фотографироваться)

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      Tatiana Filimonova
      September 6, 2018 at 10:36 am

      Спасибо! Ты знаешь где меня найти!)

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