Stephanie and Robin. The charm of kindness

Really lovely couple. They reel you in with a trail of warmth and kindness. It seems to me you can always understand what kind of relationship prevails in the pair at the first impression of their communication. Stephanie and Robin very gently behave with each other. A little bit shy, but even more romantic because of it.

Guys are going to get married in January in Bangladesh. Robin now lives and works in London, but he moves soon to Vienna. While we were taking pictures he took care of Alice (who slept peacefully in a wrap all this time) quite fond.

It’s funny (and I did encounter this for the first time) but of the two, Robin was the one who was actively helping me with my work. Usually the initiator of a photo shoot is a girl and it is a girl who “rules”. «We will stay like this, or like this. And she will do like this, and me like this…» – he perfectly captured what I wanted from them, instantly turned on and started to “play” on the camera. Stephanie followed him. But at the same time, when it came to look at the camera, she easily gave me excellent «look». Robin at the same time looked away and got shy. Guys laughed when I noticed this. They told me that Robin is interested in photography, looking at various pictures on web. And Stephanie just mastered in it taking selfies with her sister and girlfriends.

After shooting, guys took care of me in the cafe as delicately as of Alice. Because my back just fell off! While I was feeding, they brought me food and water and held the baby when needed. Describing the feelings from the communication with them, I want to use such words as «care», «tenderness» and «kindness». I believe it is a great base for a new family that is nominally soon to be born.

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