My favourite places in Vienna. Le Bol

Nice French cafe, which I tenderly love and which I have been visited for a long time. I used to come here with my colleagues when in Vienna for business trips. First day I arrived I came for my favorite salad Monsieur Seguin and a glass of Chardonnay.

In summer they have a lovely veranda. I highly recommend the eclairs. They have list of interesting salads. Coffee and hot drinks are served in funny bowls. Also this place is famous for its breakfasts. Delicious bread and all the dishes with it: tartines and baguettes.

In addition to separate tables in the center of the main hall there is a large table, where customers sit shoulder to shoulder and opposite to each other. Not everyone likes that. My father, for instance, when we came here, did not understand such familiarity. But he has a lot of questions to French generally… starting with his son-in-law. Do not look up to him 🙂

More from inconvenient: payment only in cash and it is impossible to order a table by phone. At the same time, there is a queue at the entrance in the evenings here. When you want a tasty meal for a dinner – it is no problem to wait. Some of my friends do not like that there are just a few meat dishes. But you need to remember it is a French place! Their dishes in principle, almost all is the bread! I’m used to it, but a lot of people consider it as a starter, not a main course.

I would suggest to visit this place for lunch if you are in Vienna. Pleasant atmosphere, delicious food. If you do not have a place for eclair any more – take it away!

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