About this blog

Hi! And welcome! I am Tania. And it is my blog… What it is about?

Firstly, it is about a photography. I am crazy about it already for 10 years. I had different periods in my life: when I shot everything, when shot only friends, when shot weddings with famous photographer in Australia, when did not shoot anything and when finally started to shoot what I want, what is the most attractive for me. With time I learned how to respect that each person is unique. I discovered it is always something good, something worthwhile what can be found in each person. And the fact you can capture that is lowing my mind. I keep experiment and shoot. My work you can find in section Photography.

Secondly, this blog is about me. I am from Russia, but I live in Austria. In the beginning I came here because of work. I did not have a love at first sight with Vienna. But I stayed. Now I try to “understand” this city more, to love it, to accept it every day. While counting the international theme, I should say that my husband is French. Our daughter is a few months old and she is also, in fact, half French. My life is a kaleidoscope of different nationalities and languages around. And I like it. I do not feel any more a borderline exists in this World when meet with people whatever they are from. People are always just people firstly.

I could not focus my blog on one topic, as I was advised, because, apparently, I am constantly searching and thinking person. But I really love what I would call the word “authenticity”, sincerity in the expression of yourself. Not thoughtless and capricious, but curious and simple at the same time. Therefore, for me, first of all, this blog is about the search for the sincerity in people, in everything, even in imperfections. Especially in imperfections. I’m looking for the answers to questions that my mind gives me. I experiment with hobbies. I travel. I am raising a daughter. I think and I decide. I just live. And I try to do it my way. 

How it was? «For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself then he has naught» 🙂