• Travel

    Some places in Vienna. Votivkirche

    When I was a child, my grandma lived in Vienna. Although I saw her infrequently, thanks to it I was quite cool girl for end of 80’s wearing jeans and hoodies.…

  • Photography

    Anna. Sunshiny charming girl

    Anna smiles and laughs a lot, and speaks a lot also. We interrupt each other quite often, since if one of us recalls something suddenly she cannot wait to share with…

  • C’est la vie

    I cannot listen to other people

    I can’t listen to other people. Well, here is what I mean… There are some people who can beg for everything. I cannot. I talk about myself openly quite often. And…

  • C’est la vie

    For a nice picture only

    Is it because we live in such time, or we made our time as it is? I start to notice I try to take a «nice picture» of the moment more…

  • C’est la vie

    Rational egoism. Do what you want!

    Only one person will be with you all your life – you! Is it not the serious reason to learn how to understand yourself and talk with yourself openly. Somehow, it’s…

  • C’est la vie

    Happy holidays!

    I live in Vienna. Christmas markets open here in mid-November. On the main square near the Parliament they make ice skating rink. And everybody knows and waits – Christmas is coming.…